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10 October 2011

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How to Get the Best from a Beauty Counter

Beauty counters do give free cosmetic consultations or makeovers, giving you a chance to try various brands without any compulsions to buy. On the other hand, they can also use you to shift their unwanted stuff. Here are few tips on certain do’s and don’ts to get the best from a beauty counter.

Stick to the point:

If all you want is an eye shadow (or) if you are on a budget (or) you just want to try but not buy for the moment, be clear and plain with the consultant right from the beginning. Let her know what you are looking for. Otherwise, your consultant can waste your time by simply showing you things that you are not interested and persuading you to go for it.

Keep the budget in mind:

Generally, individual beauty counters represent a single cosmetic line. Hence, choose the counters that correspond to a line you prefer and those you can afford. If you have a particular budget in mind, do not pick the one who embody the luxurious Chanel –line.

Judge your consultant:

 If your consultant has to check a manual every time, just walk away. Well, it is fine for her to check the manual or refer to some information over intricate questions such as complications of sensitivities to lesser known elements, but she should know her brand backwards. Hence if you find your consultant is ignorant to most facts, it’s recommended that you avoid her.

Always do a small research:

 Before you prefer to buy something, scrape through the latest magazines or check for information on the net. If your know what your talking about, your consultant will not use you to transfer her unwanted stock. Thus do small researches before you settle on something. Alternatively, check online if your favorite brands are having some benefits or promotions. This way you can also end up getting some free gifts.

 Avoid the lunch time rush:

It’s best to avoid the lunch time rush. This is the time when they expect a quick sale from the lunch time shoppers; hence you can expect her to rush. Therefore, never ask your consultant to do your make –up or seek their consultation between 11:30 am and 3:00 pm.

Be particular about wanting to test something out first:

It’s advisable to try a sample of some product before you decide to buy it. If the consultant seems hesitant or is unwilling to give you a skin care sample, explain to her that you have suffered from skin allergies in the past and would rather try a sample of the product before buying it. On the other hand, if there is no sample available, you can ask if the head office can send you a sample or a small sachet of the particular product.

Free Makeovers:

Many beauty counters come with their free makeovers. Assure the person you are talking to is a skilled makeup artist instead of a mere sales person. You can have an idea by looking at their own make-up. Ultimately, there is no use in going to someone who can’t do their own make up correctly. Sometimes, you need to judge a book by its cover.

Next time you head to a beauty counter try following the above mentioned tips and see the difference it makes!

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