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28 November 2011

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From Grey Hair To Great Hair

The onset of 30’s is often associated with your mane turning few shades lighter than the healthy black or brown. Greying of hair is more often than not a natural phenomenon that is caused by several factors such as genetics, exposure to dust and pollution, frequent usage of chemical based hair products, any chronic illness etc. Though some of these causes are incontrollable yet most of them can be treated with timely care and precaution.

If those awful strands of grey are causing you sleepless nights, here is what you can do to revive the natural colour and sheen of your hair.

•Eating a balanced diet sounds as clichéd as it can, however it’s for fairly proven reasons that nutrition experts stress on consuming bouts of vitamins and essential nutrients to keep your hair healthy. Food items such as olive oil, avocados, black beans and walnuts are rich in vitamin T and E and have been known to reverse and even slow down the process of greying.

•Avoid or reduce the intake of cholesterol rich food items as these promote stress which can be further lead to hair fall and a change in hair colour.

•For those suffering with hormonal disorders, seek your medical practitioner’s help and pop some vitamin pills if prescribed.

•Don’t get carried away with fancy cosmetic products and stick to herbal shampoos and hair masks that can prevent damage to hair. When buying a shampoo, opt for an aloe vera based or an olive oil based shampoo that will maintain the natural shine and won’t be too harsh for your hair.

•Indulge in a homemade hair mask at least once a week. A great way to lend shine to your hair is by applying a mixture of curd and lemon that also cures dandruff. An egg white based mask or a mask made of avocado and olive oil also can be used to improve hair quality.

•Applying henna powder (soaked overnight) and mixed with beetroot juice or coffee will cover the grey portion and add an enchanting maroon or brown colour to them.

•Resorting to chemical based hair colours can be your last saving grace if there are chunks of grey hair, however restrict the usage to minimal and ensure the product meets the quality standards or is herbal in nature

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