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19 September 2011

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For Envious Hair

Lustrous, shining hair are almost every woman’s dream desire, but owing to the pressures of a mundane existence, constant treatment of chemicals and exposure to other dust particles, hair tend to lose their sheen and texture over a period of time.

We brought together some smart secrets to keep your hair healthy and envious at every age

• Pay attention to the scalp
Opt for a hot oil treatment at least once a week, with nutrient based oils such coconut or olive and rosemary oil. Follow it with a light hair massage that will ensure the roots get the required nutrients. Comb or brush your hair with caution to avoid hurting the scalp and the hair follicles

• Eat healthy
As clichéd as it sounds, a healthy diet will benefit your body and hair, in more than one ways. Ensure a regular intake of vitamin B6 and B12 based food items include items that are rich in omega acids to increase hair growth, and invest in supplements if needed.

• Wash and Condition
Depending on the length of the hair, wash them with Luke warm water at least twice to thrice a week and most importantly, condition them well using a gentle shampoo devoid of any sulphate constituents. Remember washing the hair daily can rob it of its nutrients, leaving the scalp dry and prone to dandruff

• Indulge in styling minus chemicals
Trimming the hair every 2 months is a great idea to keep split ends at bay, however refrain from indulging in chemical treatments or any other permanent solutions. Undergoing the heat treatment or the attack of harsh chemicals will weaken the roots, increasing hair fall. If necessary, restrict these styles to minimal.

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