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02 September 2011

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For a Sunshine skin

A glowing complexion is the best feature that highlights the health and beauty of any woman. Irrespective of their age group, women all across the world strive to achieve a clear skin that can enchant any onlooker without knowing that it’s the very basic health and hygiene routine that alone is sufficient to achieve that glow.

No amounts of makeup and cosmetics can bring out that beauty element if the skin is loose, withered and prone to wrinkles. Hence it is essential to indulge in a routine skincare regime for a beautiful and mesmerising complexion. Since different people have different skin types, it is important to use the right kind of products that suit a skin type.

Here are a few tips that can are easy to follow and will help you achieve astonishing results with minimal efforts

  • Eating a diet that consists of all essential nutrients is a must since the skin draws nutrients and replenishes dead cells; ensure an intake of fruits and veggies besides protein based food items such as eggs and lean meat.
  • Make it a habit to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water to keep the skin hydrated and steer clear of any toxins
  • Try to minimise the usage of cosmetics as much as possible, the chemicals used in these products can be harsh to the skin and are capable of damaging the skin tissues and follicles.
  • A daily routine of cleansing moisturising and toning will ensure the skin cells are revitalised.
  • Reach out to your kitchen for some quick home remedies and food items that can instantly revive the skin.

For instance rubbing lemon juice or papaya on the skin can lend it a natural glow. Apply a scrub made of sugar crystals and lemon juice is a great way to scrub the skin. Using yoghurt or honey can be way better than using any cosmetic skin cleansers.
One does not need to burn a hole in their pockets to attain a mesmerising glow. All it takes is a dedicated effort to indulge in some healthy eating habits and good skin care practices.

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