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18 February 2011


Foods To Lose Weight

Are you worried about your flabs? Both men and women love to have that fat free, trim and healthy body. If you follow taking certain foods you can lose pounds in no time. Without a proper diet gym or work out along cannot trim you down.

I would write down some of the foods that can trim you down and gift you that amazing fat free body.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit diet is known for its magic in helping you lose weight. This doesn’t mean that you have to live on grapefruit diet alone. Make it a practice that you either consume half a grapefruit before every meal or have grapefruit juice three times a day.

Green Salad: Before your main meal make it a habit that you have a bowl of green salad. As you are filled with this salad you would eat a less quantity of the main meal. As vegetables are low in calories and rich in folic acid, dietary fiber, low in fat etc this green salad can cut your flabs and still give you the right nutrition.

Green Tea: This brew is a perfect pre – work out drink. If you take green tea before your work out time, it can give you the energy to stay for longer and burn more calories. Experts say that it can increase your endurance by 24 percent.

Dark Chocolate: Chocolates are not low in calories or fat. But dark chocolates have two benefits. Major one is that we cannot much a chunk of this chocolate. Secondly dark chocolates are rich in health promoting antioxidants.

Cinnamon: People experience an insulin spike after a meal. Cinnamon can help you in controlling that insulin spike and in turn control your hunger. Sprinkle half a tsp of powdered cinnamon in your breakfast or your bed coffee.

Try these food items and get that stunning and fate free body.

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  1. Those are great tips, Sruthi!
    Thanks for this post and I shall keep that in mind too.


  2. shilpi says:

    great tips for loosing weight


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