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08 March 2013

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Style check – Riddhi Chakraborty

As a student of the BA department in Christ University, Bangalore, there is no dearth of interesting students studying here. But for my first piece, I have chosen a very close friend and fellow fashion lover, Riddhi Chakraborty.

ridzRiddhi grew up in hotels as her father is in the hotel industry, because of which she spent her childhood in Delhi, Kerala, Mumbai and even Nepal. As a huge fan of the famous German band Tokio Hotel, especially its lead singer Bill Kaulitz, she has picked up a very unique sense of style which is a mix of punk and rock n roll. She is such a huge fan that she has even tattooed the band’s symbol on her back! Now how many people can claim that they are such ardent fans? Another very interesting thing about Riddhi is the fact that she spends her free time doing something called Cosplaying. This is an abbreviation of Costume Play where people dress up as characters of a particular play or comic. There are virtual forms of this on popular websites like Twitter and Tumblr, which is what Riddhi does. This is apparently a forum for people who are interested in playing characters from their favourite comic or movie to come together, regardless of his/her nationality.

Riddhi has met many different people from various countries, which is where she was inspired to razor off a section of the hair on her head, giving her a very edgy, Rihanna-meets-Cassie look. She is a style icon and she continues to reinvent herself.


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