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17 August 2011

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A Few Fashion Blunders to Avoid

Fashion is moving at a fast pace and what maybe in trend today may not be in tomorrow. While fashion moves at a swift speed, it is natural that fashion blunders exceed. We all want to look our best at all times. But knowing or unknowingly, we end up creating fashion blunders without even realizing it. Let us face it; we all have gone through it at some point in our life. It does not mean we have to own the best of clothes or settle on the most expensive brands. A simple outfit can be made to look gorgeous with just a bit of creativity and intelligence. The idea is to experiment, learn from our mistakes and not repeat them again. And, if you know that something is a fashion blunder stay away from it. To help you with that, here are a few fashion faux pas that you need to avoid at all times, irrespective of what the trend is.

Colors make a lot of difference:

All skin tones are not the same.  The bold red dress you saw on the lady sitting next to you may look fabulous on her but not on you. Hence, experiment with different colors and find out what flatters you.   Do not unnecessarily waste your money and time by opting for colors that do not go with your complexion or body type. For instance, if you have heavy hips wear dark colors on the bottom to give a slimming effect.  As for the top you can go for colors that flatter your skin type.  Study your skin tone and choose ones that enhances your complexion.

 Size matters:

 Most women wish to fit into the size zero that is apt for an hour glass figure. But, we all have our flaws and the rule of the thumb is to wear what fits and flatters our body type. In fact wearing small sizes or ultra tight fitting clothes can only make you look larger than you actually are. Unless you are size zero, choose clothes that skim your body but are not tight.

 Less is more:

 Make-up is an important factor that needs to be considered at all times and seasons. While your evening make-up can be a little heavy, the day make-up should always be light and natural. The variation in the light can make a lot of difference. Wearing evening make-up during the day can make you appear like a painted wall.  But remember, when it comes to make-up, less is always more.

 What needs to be under should be under:

 Visible panty and bra lines are always drab and dreary. Invest in some g-strings or thongs and wear them when you dress up your fitted bottoms. But never have them sticking out from your jeans or pants as it is nothing but irritating. Have a collection of undergarments in quite a few varieties and wear them intelligently.

 Head to toe..ahh!

 One of the most common fashion blunders that many women make is to dress from head to toe in embellishments. While it is nice to adorn yourself with sequins and extras, it is always best to maintain the balance. You can perhaps carry a nice sequined hand bag or wear a great embellished stiletto.  The key here is to balance the look rather than going over the top.

 Fashion blunders can be avoided if you plan your wardrobe with some precision to detailing. With a little care and thought you can have a harmonized look that can make heads turn instantly.

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