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29 September 2011

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Fashion V/S Comfort

Do you think that fashion and comfort can go hand in hand? It is seen that most of the time wearing the fashion can’t add to your comfort. Fashion fraternity undoubtedly say that fashion and comfort can’t balance well. Always it is either of these.

can wearing fashion always be comfort?Neha Hinge, the Pantaloons Femina Miss India International, 2010 said, “I don’t think wearing fashion always is comfortable. For me it works this way, I make sure that I wear comfortable clothes and make that fashion.”

There are various reasons for not getting both fashion and comfort under one umbrella. In a particular style, if someone looks great, that depends on his or her body type and confidence in carrying it. But that same outfit may not look great on you because you have a different body frame, skin tone and confidence level. Thus while you pick a trend ensure that it is comfortable on you, first and foremost when it comes to clothes is to feel comfortable and the rest called trend will follow.

can wearing fashion always be comfort?Fashion experts strongly say that nobody should sacrifice comfort ever for fashion, because unless you are comfortable in your clothes, fashion doesn’t flash in you or in your garment. Yogitha Ramamoorthy, a fashion designer said, “In places like Italy and Paris ‘style’ is any day preferred over ‘comfort.’ But it can get a little overwhelming at times. Recently there was a buzz about Lara Dutta wearing sky high heels at the time she is pregnant. I would say at such crucial times you need to dress for comfort.”

“There is no point in sacrificing your health for a diva status. In short, you need to act to the situation. But if you can pull off comfort with a style nothing like it,” Yogitha added.

can wearing fashion always be comfort?It is also seen that every day we fuse fashion in some or the other way to our look. Thus feeling at ease in your clothes play a crucial role. Deeptii Mohan, a model based in Bangalore said, “We wear fashion everyday in some form or the other. It need not be a gaudy or a celeb outfit. It can be a simple dress teamed with the right accessories or simple denim paired with a cute top. But what counts at the end is; if you are comfy in that or not. Hence when you wear fashion or any clothes make sure that you are comfortable in them.”

can wearing fashion always be comfort?Experts also said that fashion or clothing these days are more like following what you see in your friends or favourite celebrities. According to Vikram Seth, the stylist / image consultant with ‘The Man Magazine’, “Basically, clothes have three functions; comfort, modesty and display. Comfort is the utilitarian function of garments, non-social and personal. Every fashion tells a story, often a very subtle one, about its wearer. People attend special ceremonies- weddings, funerals, garden parties, dance festivals, club meetings, formal dinners and they change into the appropriate costumes with variety of styles.” He also added that we unconsciously pursue the trends that are worn by our friends or role models, in this way clothing is as much a part of human body-language or gestures.”

Consequently fashion is an everyday affair and it is wearable, if you plan your clothing in a smart way. “The world is our runway and we all are super models in our own right,” Deeptii added.

can wearing fashion always be comfort?

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  1. jinnie gogia chugh says:

    Really liked the article……….very well written and states some basic facts and needed advice…………!!!!!!am a fan of vikram seths styling and nowcan vouch fr his word too………….
    jinnie gogia chugh


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