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19 September 2011

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Fad Diet Myths!

Ladies who love to have a curvaceous and slim body frame fancy on fad diet. But do you believe that fad diet can be healthy? Experts say that though you follow a fad diet routine, initially it might help you reduce weight but in long run you will become fatter than before.

“You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back,” said Traci Mann, UCLA associate professor of psychology and lead author of the study.

Experts also said that it is good to have a healthy diet plan than a fad diet. There are certain myths that people have about fad diet. A few popular fad diet myths are put down here.

fad diet doesn't promote weight loss
Skipping Breakfast Saves Calories: Experts say that skipping breakfast won’t save on calorie. It will lower your metabolism and make you weaker. As you skip your breakfast by the time you have something, you would be so hungry that you may end up over eating; that would lead to overweight. Hence don’t skip your breakfast and ensure that you eat a high – protein breakfast, so that it reduces hunger throughout the day and maintain your weight.

Starve More: Experts say that starving or fasting can’t help you lose weight. This will only lead your body to slow down its metabolism. Thus make sure that you don’t starve or fast, take the right meal at the right time without fail.

Diet Can Overpower Exercise: If you think that without following a strict exercise regimen you can trim down your fat. Then experts say that it is not suggested. Because a good exercise routine along with a healthy diet plan can help you maintain your figure and it will make you look more stunning.

Workaholics Lose Weight: Specialists say that workaholics deprive themselves on food and sleep and this won’t promote weight loss. They added that less sleep or no sleep will lower the protein called ‘leptin’ that regulates hunger and increases a hormone called ‘ghrelin’that stimulates hunger. As a result it leads to more weight. Eight hours sleep coupled with healthy food habit promotes weight loss and health.

Weight Loss Pills: Do you think that weight loss pills can make your life easier? Experts say that weight loss pills will only increase your metabolic rate. These pills will decrease your appetite. Therefore it will lead to illness.

“Health is wealth”, so preserve and support it.

fad diet doesn't promote weight loss

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