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12 December 2011

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Dressing up for Occassions

Hiding in the back of the room so that no one sees you? Lets face it, it happens to the best of us. It is a natural fact, that most of us are afraid of being embarrassed by wearing inappropriate clothing for a particular occasion. This is one of the reasons why women take a long time to get dressed. Dressing up well for every special occasion is an important thing for women as it adds a special feeling of elation for every lady. The process of choosing the correct outfit, bag, shoes and accessories to match takes a lot of practice. However, its not rocket science and once you get to know your body and understand what flatters it, dressing up for occasions can be full of fun.

It also recommended that you plan your wardrobe for special occasions. Look at your calendar each season to find out how many special occasions you have coming up. Next check your closet and see if you have the right clothes.  Weed through them try them on and make sure they still fit and flatter your figure.  See if something is missing, you can then start your shopping list , otherwise stick on to all time classics to get the desired look.

Timeless Classics:

Consider going in for timeless, classic items that will never go out of style.  The inevitable question, “What should I wear?”  will never get easier until you own a few classics you can count on. You can then add to the pizzazz by adding some of your much loved accessories.  It’s advisable to spend a few hundreds to save thousands of dollars later, that would slip through your purse, even without you noticing.  You just need to be a little creative and innovative in your ideas. Browse through some good fashion magazines or check out some websites that can guide you through.

Color Me Beautiful:

Once you’ve figured out the type of outfit the special occasion calls for and how it fits your shape, you’ll have to decide on a color that suits you best.  It essentially comes down to the type of occasion you’re attending and which colors suit your complexion.

Style and color is the most important feature of any outfit. Not every outfit works for all body types. Hence, the right, color and style are very essential. Colors like black and grey are never out of fashion and they always give you a special look, irrespective of the occasion. 

 Usually in India, special occasion clothes are generally bright in color. However, these days black has also become a favorable color for many. You can make a black outfit look deadly with trendy jewelry to give a more glamorous look. With black, you can also choose accessories in bright colors like bright pink, silver, metallic, jewel tones or gold. In short, just jazz it up with colorful accessories. Also, never wear more than three colors in an outfit. It is suffice, if the outfit has two colors and an accent color.  

Don’t fall into the belief that there are only a limited number of colors that suit you. Instead, be your own best fashion critic and hold up swatches or outfits to your face to see which ones bring out your skin tones the best. The idea is to push the limits of your wardrobe and experiment with innovative looks. Hence, try out different colors and styles that will work great on your figure.

Comfortably Gorgeous:

Apart from style and color, comfort is another major aspect. Since special occasions are time for having some fun, comfort shouldn’t be ruled out.  Comfort helps in elating a woman’s confidence and has a way of making her feel special. Choosing the right attire is a must if you want to be comfortable in a social setting.  

To be comfortable choose pieces that fit and flatter your body type. Make sure the dress you choose accentuates the curves you already have. Whatever you choose, your aim should be to play up your best features while hiding the flaws.  Just because a certain style is hot right now doesn’t mean that’s what will work best with you.  And, also just because you need to dress up doesn’t really mean you should dress like someone else.   

Everyone has at least one great asset, perhaps a nice pair of legs or great arms or even great hair. You don’t have to do anything overstated to show off your best feature, just assure that your look shows it off and enhances it. If your best feature is great skin, the last thing you’d want to do is cover up every bit of it with layers of clothing. Dressing for your best feature is not about size or age but more about making the best of you.

Learn to embrace your body, too. If you aren’t comfortable in curve-hugging outfits because of the bulges, then try a ‘body slimmer,’ underneath for a better effect. Wear clothes that are a natural relaxed version of you, albeit a dressier one! Following this plan will ensure you look smashing in any dress.



Appropriate accessories can give your outfit an instant boost. This way you can remain trendy and stylish every now and then. Accessories with colorful beads, gems, diamonds or metal design beautify and dress up simple purses, shoes and clutches.  Solid color dresses and neutrals are a great backdrop for colorful jewels. Consider putting a diamond broach or pin on a plain suit. It will dress up an ordinary coat or jacket that you can wear over an evening gown. A colorful scarf can also add an elegant and dressy touch to the otherwise simple outfit. Diamond-studded hairpieces can beautify simple hairstyles.

And, if your outfit is very dressy, diamond drop earrings, chunky rings and bangles should be worn minimally. Avoid wearing too much jewelry, unless you are going for a particular look. A nice, classy watch that is decorated with diamonds or jewels can be all the jewelry that you wear with a dressy outfit. Minimal jewelry is best, and always looks elegant.  Also, if you have attractive shiny accessories, then avoid wearing jewelry or wear very less jewelry. When you’re doubtful about something, don’t do it.

Armed with these key tips in mind, you’re sure to match outfits that suit the occasion and flatter your figure in a most interesting way. You’ll be certain you look great and you may never know – perhaps you’re just being the envy of the party.

Last but not the least; do not forget your best asset – a classy smile.

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