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02 October 2011

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Diets and Myths

Many a times, we come across diet food items that proclaim weight loss and give a ray of hope to all those seeking to shed some pounds, however in an urge to quickly get rid of the bulges, people often misunderstand and fail to realise that every food item or every eating habit may not work the same way for each one of us.

Every body type and structure is unique in its own right hence one’s bliss can be other’s poison. To avoid making such mistakes, it is imperative for us to understand some basic facts about diet and food items that suggestively promote weight loss

• Myth 1
Eating Cornflakes for a healthy breakfast
Cornflakes are actually processed cereal and hence it contains a great deal of carbohydrates and sugar that can adversely affect your diet. Instead choose cereals like muesli and oatmeal

• Myth 2
Fruit and vegetable juices for dieters
However juices from fresh fruits are great to taste and filling as well, yet the process of churning to fruits reduces the nutritional value and the residue (juice) is high in sweet content .Hence it is best to opt for the whole fruit or vegetable.

• Myth 3
Yoghurt accelerates weight loss
Certainly the bacteria present in curd and yoghurt aid metabolism leading to quick weight loss, however the processed versions of yoghurt with fruit pieces and flavours are extremely high on sugar and fat. If curd still lures you, stick to plain yoghurt or add raw fruits or veggies to make the combination interesting.

• Myth 4
Consuming grapefruit or cabbage soup before meals
Although these items are extremely low on calories and fill your stomach to a great extent leaving a meagre appetite, yet nutritionists claim that due to the low calorie content, these food items often lead to weakness and dizziness as the body starts depleting in nutrients.

• Myth 5
Protein based diets reduces hunger
Much unlike the popular belief, consumption of protein rich foods leads to production of ketone bad bodies which not only use fat as a source of energy and even lead to a foul breath. Weight loss occurred by such a diet is primarily a loss of water content which can cause dehydration if persistent.

Seek help from a nutritionist or a dietician before plunging into the plethora of diet routines as a single wrong step can lead to incessant damages to your body.

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