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31 December 2011

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Dietary Resolutions For The Year Ahead

A majority of us take pride in setting resolutions every year when as the clock strikes and we journey to an entirely new year full of anticipations and excitements. Whether it is about achieving a professional goal with full fervour or a desire to acquiring that hourglass figure that can give celebrities a run for their money, we all have secret resolutions and ambitions to keep us going on.

Much as we would dislike revealing, 70 per cent of these resolutions especially the ones that relate to food and diet go haywire as the year progresses and we lose the spirit to stick to it. If you echo a similar sentiment and have been making unsuccessful attempts at a weight loss program every passing year, you certainly know the feeling. A bunch of us try hard to stick to the fancy diet claim but as the daily grind overpowers us, digression from the goal comes easy. Nevertheless, we do have some tips to help you tread on the path chosen, for all those who fancy a flab free body

• The key to achieving the goal lies in aiming for targets that are well in your reach. Un realistic goals often seem harsh on the body after a while; hence set for realistic weight loss targets.

• Buddy up with a friend or a family member who is keen to a similar course of action. This will keep the challenge going and the fact that you have a companion to accompany your endeavours will make it interesting.

• No matter which dietary pattern you follow, include loads of water in it. Consuming water will not only keep an active bowel movement but will also keep you filled and hence reduce the intake of unnecessary calories.

• Chalk out engaging plans for example, set a colour for each day of the week and indulge in fruits and vegetables of the same colour, for instance, if it’s red on Mondays, gorge on tomatoes and indulge in apple salad or even an apple based dessert.

• Maintain a diet chart to gauge your progress every 7 days or so, also keep a day free from the diet so you can indulge every once in a while, remember a stringent diet routine that includes no delicacies will only force you to break free.

Following and maintaining a schedule to cut down on those unwanted pounds has never been easy, but with some innovative thinking and an out of the box eating pattern, you sure won’t have to ditch that resolution you made.

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