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09 December 2011

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Cracking The Nut

The food habits for every individual strictly depend on his/her palette, climatic conditions and lifestyle; however the importance of nutritional requirements to determine the consumption of right kind of food is equally worth consideration. Whether you frown at the mention of green veggies or feel visually disturbed by looking at a glass of milk, the fact remains that certain food items are essential for our body due to their nutritional value.

Falling in a similar category of so called “healthy food” is an array of nuts, made available to us by nature’s bounty. These nuts when consumed on a periodic or regular basis not only provide nutrients such as vitamins and minerals but some also help to keep cholesterol and heart ailments at bay. Have a look at these drool worthy nuts that you can grab a handful to lead a healthy life, the delicious way.

1. Walnuts A bountiful of antioxidants is provided by a regular consumption of walnuts. These are known to improve the functioning of the brain and have 16 different types of polyphenols that fight diseases. One can eat them raw or can even use them in vegetable sauces and desserts.

 2. Almonds These nuts are easily available at almost all stores, not only do these reduce harmful cholesterol but also provide our daily dose of calcium and magnesium when consumed regularly. Almonds are also rich in Vitamin E and selenium, giving your more reasons to include them in your diet.

3. Pistachios Packed with a high dosage of potassium, pistachios are the tasty nuts that offer a great deal of nutrients as against 13 gm. of fat per 49 nuts. They also are rich in fibre and help improve the heart condition.

4. Cashews These delectable nuts are a hot favourite among most nut lovers for their mellow taste, but besides being toothsome these are high on iron content, and hence good for women and people who suffer from anaemia.

5. Brazil Nuts These exotic nuts are one of the healthiest forms of snack since these are rich in copper, magnesium, Vitamin e, selenium, fibre, niacin and protein. It has been scientifically proven that regular dosage of selenium can help reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

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