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16 December 2011

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Clothes for Workout

There is absolutely no reason why you should be wearing seedy old t-shirts, pants and shoes you hope are productively camouflaged as gym-wear.  Not everyone can afford branded stuff but you can wear items that are chic and stylish.  Opt for ones that fit you well and is designed to suit your exercise regimen. It’s essential that you wear comfortable clothes while exercising. It is not just about the comfort but also about the long term damages it brings due to the ignorance of proper clothes.

There are few things that you should know before buying your gym clothes.

Read the fiber content label. Cotton is good.  Lycra gives tremendous stretch and is quite stylish too. Nylon takes away the moisture away from your body, which is essential while working out. Acrylic feels warm but the material is absorbent. Rayon wicks moisture too and the fabric is quite supple on the skin. Polyester is tough and is a great gym wear. A combination of all these can give you tremendous gym wear outfits.

Investing in good underwear is a must for the workout.  Opt for items that support your body well and reduce injury or other damages.  Your lace bra however supportive it is, can’t be a substitute for sports bra. If you are heavier on the top go for sports- bras that offer good support. On the other hand, if you have small busts choose sports- bras that have cups. This will keep your body looking stylish and chic by providing support from the inside.

Less is definitely more when it comes to make-up in the gym. Never over do it.  The skin needs to breathe and is also an organ of elimination. If your face is cosmetic-free, it’s easier for the skin to perform its work. On the other hand, if you just can’t be without make or you prefer to hide those black spots, go for non-comedogenic cosmetics. Non-comedogenic are non-clogging and you can wash them off as soon as you finish your work-out.  Do not use foundation; opt for a oil-free moisturizer instead. Avoid eye make-up. If you must, use a water proof mascara or eye liner.  And, instead of a lipstick you can make use of a lip gloss. This way you will not look made-up yet appear beautiful and natural.

Another point to be considered is your hair. Never allow your hair to fall on your face. Locks of hair pasted on a sweaty forehead can be a big turn –off. Tie them up neatly into a pony tail. If your hair is short hold it back with clips or hair bands.

Avoid jewelry; take them all off before you start your workout session. Jewelry includes watches, bracelets, long chains and there are times where ladies run on the treadmill with their sunglasses on the head – remove all of it.  It is not only bothersome but you’re ruining it by sweating all over.

Comfortable and stylish gym wear is not just about looking good. It gives you a special confidence and when you wear the apt clothing for gym it increases the intensity of the exercise. Finally feel good and proud as your doing yourself a great deed.


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