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24 March 2013

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Chaipatty | The Mandis Review

The Mandis have been on a bit of a slump lately and our tummies were complaining a little too much. So we finally decided to catch up at this indianised coffee shop in Indira nagar namely “Chaipatty“.

The renovated Chaipatty is more spacious, has a balcony area and an indoor seating area with some pretty cool art deco, cane chairs and comfy mattresses. The place was moderately crowded for a Sunday afternoon and we had no trouble finding a place to sit. We were pretty happy to have found a place so soon and were all set to sink into that Sunday feel with some good food. And up came the starters – Chicken and Veg Momos, Veg Spring rolls and Paneer pakodas. Veg momos, like Veg biriyani, is one dish that is usually a disaster in most places. You literally have to keep your fingers crossed for getting good veg momos. We were pretty happy with the momos, but the other two starters were disappointing.The Veg spring rolls looked like an imposter masquerading under the name of veg spring rolls, and on first glance, looked like vegetables wrapped in bread.The paneer pakoda was terribly bland and lacked the flavour we were on the lookout for.

We went on to the main course – two English Breakfast, Spinach and corn sandwich, Chicken Kofta and four drinks. A major Sunday mood spoiler is unappealing food which can be aggravated by bad service. We got a taste of both in Chaipatty, an experience best forgotten, inorder to move on and have many more wonderful Sundays in life. After ordering the drinks we realised that our English breakfast came with drinks, so we rushed to the counter to cancel two drinks. The lady at the counter seemed to understand and asked us to take our seats and promised they would come over to clarify. A few minutes later the owner himself came and asked us about the drinks, We placed the order again and he seemed to be confused about the entire order. We asked him if he wanted us to repeat the order once again, but he was pretty rude and said that was not necessary. After what seemed like ages, he finally got our order right and left. The Kullad chai is pretty famous here, but we didn’t find it very different from the usual chai’s!

The spinach and corn sandwich and Chicken Koftas were just average and our friends weren’t too happy. The English breakfast here is served with toasted bread, scrambled eggs, sausages (there were hardly any) and baked beans. We recommend  you bring butter from home in case you like your bread with butter…or else you too would have to encounter the amused lady asking “why do you need butter, the bread is toasted right?” At this point, we were pretty irked with the service. The waiters were getting scolded rudely infront of us, and the people at the table next to ours were cribbing about the eternal bragging of the owner when they were eating food in peace. None of our business, but these small things put together can spoil your lazy Sunday mood and that’s one thing a foodie never forgets and forgives!

Chaipatty also lacks a billing system. When asked for a bill the person at the counter started reading off what we had ordered. By the time we had finally settled the bill, a good 10 mins had passed by. 

When it comes to food, Chaipatty is absolutely average, but what took our experience to a low was the service which was ABYSMAL, and an owner who is arrogant enough to kill our brunch spirits!


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