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13 December 2011

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Careers in Fashion – Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist is someone who coordinates with fashion trends to create a unique style for an individual, be it a celebrity or a house wife. People love you because you make them feel beautiful both inside and out. 

Stylists are basically of three categories: celebrity stylists, personal stylists, image consultants.

  • Celebrity stylists:  The stylists create a distinct look for the celebrity – perhaps for a show, a movie or an image change in general.
  • Personal Stylist: They work with individuals who require a complete make over.
  • Image Consultants: As the name suggests, one can approach an image consultant for various suggestions and advices required for a good makeover.

A good fashion stylist should know how to bring out the best in people they style, with correct clothes and accessories. A fashion stylist’s career can provide exciting opportunities. There are different areas where they can prove their talents. Advertisements, TV shows, fashion shoots, fashion shows, music videos and movies are few areas where a stylist can work. Stylists also work with fashion designers, to add glitz to their products. 

Educational Requirements:

A fashion stylist job does not necessarily need any degree or formal educational requirements. However, courses in fashion and styling can be an added advantage and gives the stylists an edge in the competitive world. Though there aren’t any specific course requirements as such, you can experiment with friends and family by trying out creative ways to improve their look.

What should one do?

A stylist should keep track of the latest trends, understand the body types and decide what would suit them, look out for trendy accessories and help build a versatile wardrobe. They need more than great taste by taking usual pieces and using them in unusual ways. While putting together a look, a number of factors like the color, style, fit or fabric should be taken into consideration. Knowing what kind of clothes will flatter a body type is essential.  Browse through every magazine and watch shows related to fashion on regular basis.

A major part of the job involves planning what would look good on an individual.  The stylists must work within the client’s budget, yet bring out the best in him/her. Make a portfolio. You can offer ‘before makeover’ and ‘after makeover’ pictures to make it more effective. This gives the clients an idea about your style of work.

You can also start a website or a blog about the current trends. Include simple tips so that people visit your site regularly and call you when they need you. The ability to communicate well with the clients is a must. A stylist must be able to influence a person without overpowering him/her.  


The best part of being a fashion stylist is you don’t need a large investment to start your business. You can practice on your own and gradually improve to build a full –fledged career.  Like all the careers in fashion, you don’t need a degree, but just a good fashion sense and the ability to connect with people.

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