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13 December 2011

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Careers in Fashion – Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is an extremely glamorous, creative and interesting field. The various possibilities for progressing in this direction involve working in fashion house, advertising companies, clothing retailers, fashion magazines, by opening one’s studio or freelancing. The photographs can be used in books, catalogs, advertisements etc. 


Start a simple website and display your photographs. This will help enormously in showcasing your talent worldwide. In fashion photography, one important tip is to get your photographs seen and noticed by as many people possible. Putting them online is the best way to achieve this.

Educational Requirements:

Getting a degree in photography is an added advantage. Like many other areas it is an competitive field. The training you get will be beneficial for you to build your portfolio and gain immense experience. As special attention should be given to factors like style, color and lighting, learning a few key fashion photography tips in these classes will take you a long way. The photographs must be taken with a certain level of precision. In addition, you would require a good camera. Photographers need to know how to make use of computer software programs that allow them to edit images. Training or a course in these software programs is again an added advantage.

What should one do?

As a photographer, you will basically represent the designers work to the world.  The idea is to create visual stories that draw attention to new trends and styles. A good eye for details and imaginative skills is essential in fashion photography.  The ability to set and capture a mood is a must. Freelance photographers require technical expertise, whether gained through a degree program or a vocational training.

Entry level positions are rare in this field. Hence, it’s recommended that you begin by being an assistant to a good photographer. Then gradually work your way up to a staff, then a photo editor and finally as the director of photography. You need to take one step at a time.

Strong interpersonal skills are essential as you have to deal with your clients and deliver what they look for. You need to be able to work with different kinds of people – from models to the make-up man and be sensitive to their moods.

There are number of great books on fashion photography which can be purchased cheaply online. These books can teach you a lot. Keep learning the up-to-the-minute high fashion photography tips. Make a good portfolio and keep it handy at all times. If any of your work has been published in newspapers or magazines include it, as it can be a great addition to your portfolio.


Travelling to exotic places is one of the benefits as a fashion photographer. It is an innovative job that won’t keep you behind the desk all day long. The attractions of fashion photography are numerous such as, travelling to unusual locations for one site photo shoots and personal publicity in fashion journals and other magazines. You also get to develop relations with famous celebrities and models.

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