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13 December 2011

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Careers in Fashion – Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising is the production, distribution and sales of the finished product.  It is growing as a promising career. The merchandisers are involved in every stage of the garment production, from the concept to the sales. Merchandisers basically study the buyer’s needs and then act as a liaise between the buyer and the production team.  They are eventually involved in the planning, analysis and sales of a product.

Jobs in Fashion Merchandising are available in buying houses, export houses, large retailers stores etc. Fashion merchandisers closely work with fashion designers as well, to come up with a new product in par with the latest trends. In addition, fashion merchandisers have good scope in visual merchandising. As a visual merchandiser he/she is responsible for creating visually gratifying displays of merchandise.  It is their job to draw the customer’s attention and eventually get them to purchase the merchandise.

Fashion merchandising is not an easy job and requires several years of experience in the fashion world, along with smart negotiation and good interpersonal skills. However, once you get the blend of it you are sure to succeed.

Educational Requirements:

A degree in fashion or merchandising can considerably help individuals seeking jobs in this field. There are numerous colleges that offer fashion merchandising programs. These courses include a basic understanding of the fabric from the yarn stage along with subjects in cutting, sewing and knowledge of fashion and marketing trends.

What should one do?

Fashion merchandising is a totally behind the curtain job but a very important part of the fashion industry.  A fashion merchandiser is required to have various skills. Unlike fashion stylists, fashion merchandisers cannot live on style alone. You should have knowledge of fine arts and design, artistic ability, creativity, good sense of style and the ability to communicate ideas and designs. You should also have an understanding of the latest fashion trends.

You need to be able to negotiate with the suppliers according to the customer’s budget and needs.  Do work on your communication skills.  You can sharpen your skills by attending as many as fashion and trade shows possible. Read high –end fashion magazines. You get many creative ideas on how to display the merchandise in the most imaginative ways.

Become a fabric expert. Learn everything possible about cotton, wool, jute or silk and be familiar with the different types of weaves. In short, merchandising needs to be a blend of fashion sense and expertise. Hence, careful planning and a thorough marketing knowledge are essential to succeed in this field. 


Fashion merchandising is a challenging and a fun career. As a visual merchandiser you get to decide on how to display the clothes in a compelling way. Another advantage of pursuing a degree is that, your college will help you get an internship in a good workplace, which could lead to employment. Hence, you don’t have to be struggling for a job. Since, this is a performance based industry, anyone who can prove their talent will be endowed with promotions and high pay scales.

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