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08 November 2011

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Burn Fat Faster Than You Thought

It is almost a universal dilemma when the topic of fat burning and weight losing arrives.. There are arrays of diets, never ending potions that claim to give you an hourglass figure that you always dreamt of, but seldom do these work to perfection. Instead of resorting to any such extreme measures, weight loss can be less tedious if we inculcate some primary changes in our lifestyle.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you burn fat faster without having to sweat your energy out.

Proportionate Meals

Ensure that your diet includes all essential nutrients that produce energy and strengthen immunity, besides this one also needs to eat in moderation. If you are a foodie, indulge in 4-5 small meals a day instead of sticking to the conventional breakfast, lunch and dinner routine, however do not skip breakfast.


Restricting food habits

Try to steer clear of fatty foods, refined flour, excessive carb based items and of course extra doses of sugar. Go green with vegetables; opt for wholesome cereals and food grains instead. Indulgence in your favourite foods should be restricted to only weekends. Also spend extra time in chewing the food, as it aids digestion and fills the stomach much quicker.


Drink that Potion

Include as much as 8-10 glasses of water to your daily liquid consumption. It keeps the body hydrated and of course the stomach feels full for a longer time. Drink green tea for it contains a good amount of anti-oxidants that improve metabolism. Cut those unwanted calories by eliminating soft drinks from your diet. These are sugary, aerated and futile calories so better watch their consumption

A few prominent changes in the lifestyle such as a routine for daily physical activity, a consistent 6-8 hour sleep and no late night binging are additionally needed to improve the metabolism and ensure that the calories are burnt at a higher pace.

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