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27 October 2011

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Bring In That Sexy Back

There is nothing more sensual than a woman aesthetically displaying her well-toned and polished back in a piece of clothing. The current ramp trends have made backless attire a hot spot item that women of all ages love to flaunt. But before you shop for that exotic item, ensure your back is all pepped up to flaunt it.

With most of our oil glands and sweat being secreted on the back, it is often prone to acne and pigmentation very easily. Hence it is imperative to take regular measures and prevent this acne attack on the back. Well this is just aptly guessed that like any other body part, the first and foremost step in back care is to scrub it, clean and moisturise it regularly.

• Scrubbing with a mineral based wash and exfoliating scrub can help remove the dead cells from the back and clean it. Make use of a special loofah meant for the same purpose and rub the back thoroughly after applying the scrub/wash.

• Gently rinse it with lukewarm water and generously apply a moisturising lotion. It is always preferable to apply a water based lotion

• Keep it neat by undergoing regular bleaching or waxing sessions as per your preference and convenience.

• For those with a sensitive skin, it is suggested to indulge in homemade scrubs that are natural and show excellent results. A paste made of gram flour, milk, moong dal or a scrub derived from patchouli oil honey and salt are ideal scrubs for cleaning the back.

• Pamper your spine with a visit to a spa or even a regular massage with aromatherapy. Use essential oils such as bergamot, lavender or tea tree to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.

Indulge in routine care and say goodbye to those back hiding tops and blouses and flaunt a ravishing back that steals the limelight each time you walk.

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