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24 September 2011

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Brightening and Lifting Tricks for your Eyes

De-puff your eyes:

Under eye puffiness is the result of fluid retention. It is last thing people want to see as soon as they wake up in the morning. It is also an indication that you’re perhaps not getting sufficient water in your system. The reason being, when a person is dehydrated the body starts accumulating water as a defense system and this will contribute to the puffiness around the eyes. Generally, it is only a temporary cosmetic concern. There are number of steps you can take to prevent it.

• Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night.

 • Drink plenty of water.

 • Sleeping with your head slightly raised can prevent fluid from building up around your eyes. You can make use of an extra pillow.

• You can also keep pieces of chilled cucumber slices or damp tea bags on top of your eyes

• A chilled gel – filled eye compress will tighten them, making them less visible, and decrease puffiness.

A tip: When your eyes are puffy, avoid dark eye liners as this will draw attention to the eyes. If you prefer applying liners, apply it only on the upper lashes.

Crows Feet:

Crow’s feet are the wrinkles which appear at the corner of the eyes. Research says that the two most common causes for crow’s feet is smoking and over exposure to the sun. Excess exposure to the sun makes the skin lose its elasticity. Though they are first wrinkles to appear on a woman’s face, it is always not a sign of ageing. Once it appears it is a little tough to make it fade. Hence, it’s best to take preventive measures. However, if you’re a little late, don’t fret. Try this:

• Make use of an eye cream with retinol – which is a Vitamin A derivative.

• You can apply the pulps of certain fruits like pineapple and papaya. Apply them around the eyes, keep it for 10 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

 • The white of an egg also helps in temporarily reducing the appearance of the wrinkles.

• Wearing a sunscreen while going out in the sun helps. Use a product which protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. Make use of sunglasses and caps while you’re out in the sun. Sunglasses will keep you from squinting repeatedly.

• Finally, if you have the habit of smoking, please avoid it.

Eye brows- the face’s instant highlighter:

The shape of your eyebrow can drastically affect your appearance. An ideal brow is one that is well groomed. It gives a polished, professional and refined look. Eyebrow stencils are a simple way for novices to get the perfect eyebrow shape. There are various types of eyebrow stencils. And, it is essential to understand the difference and choose the one that best suits your eyebrow shaping.

Opt for a stencil that is close to your natural eye brow shape. Clean your brows before applying the stencil. Hold it firmly in place and trace the outline with a brow pencil. Now, carefully remove it without smudging. The hair outside the traced shaped can now be plucked, waxed or use tweezers for a clean finish.

To rectify over plucked brows the same process can be applied. Place the stencil over the eye brow and fill in the traced area with an eye shadow, eye brow pencil or mascara. Use colors that are similar to your brow color. Eye brow stencils can be got from numerous departments’ stores, beauty parlors or salons. You can also get in online. Online stores have numerous options to choose from.

Don’t Conceal the Concealer:

A great under- eye concealer can make you look five years younger. It camouflages dark under-eye circles while helping to diminish the look of puffiness. A good concealer with a dry texture stays for a long time as the cream base can hold on to your skin. They help hide the blue or grayish circles. Concealers are available in the form of cream, airbrush, stick or pencil.

You can apply it on bare skin or on top of the foundation. First, you can apply foundation to your face. Next pat the concealer under your eyes gently in a soft circular motion. The next step is to gently blend the concealer with the foundation, under your eyes. You can use your fingers or a cotton bud to blend the two shades. But, don’t press or rub too hard. Also, do not over-apply for it will only draw unnecessary attention to the area. Under –eye concealers should be yellow toned or peach and a shade lighter than your foundation. You can finish the look by dabbing a tint of face powder for a polished look.

 Liquid concealers are the best under eye concealers. However, if you prefer using a stick concealer, make sure that it is creamy. This way, the blending would be neat and natural.

While you are sleeping….

Applying night creams and moisturizing the under eye area while going to bed, certainly helps in preserving your skin and your looks. “The skin below the eyes is naturally thin and fragile, so it needs immense care,” says dermatologist Dr. Aruna.

Women are quite hesitant to apply products at the night, because they believe that the skin must breathe. This is a myth as bedtime is the perfect time to apply these products. With eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, the energetic ingredients in the product will have adequate time to work. Anti ageing eye creams are particularly created for the fragile eye area and have improved effects when used before the wrinkles set in.

Make a high-quality under eye cream or a gel a part of your daily routine. If you are a teenager, it is advisable to start the process from the early teens itself, as the ageing of our skin start noticeably from the mid twenties.

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