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18 December 2011

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Benefits Of A Spice Laden Life

Indian food has always been in the limelight for its expansive spices that lend it a pungent flavour and add zing to even the blandest of dishes. The versatile usage of various spices adds an aroma to the authentic Indian fare and goes a long way in making it a highly loved cuisine across the world. What most of us don’t know is that these delectable and exotic spices offer a heap of other benefits besides flavouring the food.

If you have grown up listening to your grandmother’s tales as a child, you sure know what we are referring to. Whether it is curing and healing of wounds or aid in recuperating from chronic illnesses, spices can do it all. These delectable ingredients have multifarious uses, which one can make use of in their everyday existence. Let’s talk about the most common spices found in every household and you shall be surprised to know their properties.

 • Turmeric Known for lending a vibrant yellow colour and a mild flavour to the food, turmeric has great anti-septic properties. It also helps in reducing inflammation for those troubled by arthritis. Consuming it after mixing it in a glass of warm milk, it can help decrease pain due to any physical hurt.

 • Chilli Peppers Besides adding the hotness quotient to your curries and gravies, chillies are also highly effective in curbing pain. Since chillies contain a great amount of capsaicin (an ingredient known for its medical benefits), these can help in reducing ulcers and can be a great help to those suffering from prostate cancer.

• Cumin Seeds These seeds add an overwhelming aroma to food when freshly crushed and sprinkled. Not only does cumin help in getting rid of morning sickness and bowel spasms, it is also acts as a diuretic (helps in curing diarrhoea).

 • Cardamom The mesmerising aroma of cardamom is nothing that we are unaware of. However, we did not know that this tiny spice is full of antioxidants and acts as a great detox. One can use cardamom to cure nausea, relieve acidity, gastric pain and it increases the appetite too.

• Clove Used for flavouring, in a variety of recipes, this powerful spice contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that increase its medicinal value. It is a quick pain reliever and soothes any inflammation if there.

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