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15 December 2011

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Beauty Wardrobe

It is 8: 30 in the morning and the hunt is on. You are ripping apart the dressing table for the black eyeliner. There are some lip liners, three or four broken eyebrow pencils and several lipstick shades but you can’t find the black eye liner. You get frustrated, pull open the drawer and shove out everything in the bed. Finally, you manage to find the lip liner. But, notice it’s brown and not black. You have to reach office by 9 and you are running short of time. Does it sound similar? Well, if the answer is yes, then it’s high time you organize your beauty wardrobe.

An organized wardrobe can save you time while getting ready and also help you avoid buying duplicates of products you already possess. Keep your products easily accessible. The start of a new season is the ideal time to sort out your beauty wardrobe. It will save you from getting stuck in a beauty rut. Begin by throwing out anything you haven’t used in the past six months. It is advisable to be left with just one in every item – such as a foundation, a single moisturizer, compact powder and maybe four or five shades of lip sticks and eye shadows.

Empty your make up drawer or kit and check if the products have crossed the expiry date. Remember, never use expired products especially on the face or hair. If you are not sure of the age of a product, check it by smelling. If it spoilt it is likely to smell ‘off’ and if you are not sure just throw it away.  If you have products like moisturizers which are expired, and if you are hesitant to throw them away, you can use them for your legs – but don’t over use (After all, it’s not easy to ditch the products). Also, get rid of anything that is broken or messy. 

Group like cosmetics together and organize the products neatly in a basket or container. Use the tall containers for brushes and pencils and the shallow ones for compacts, styling products, lipstick shades or foundation.

Cleanser: Go for a water soluble cleanser that removes eye make as well, so you don’t have to buy a separate one.

Moisturizer: Moisturizer is a must have beauty product in every wardrobe as it is a product that can multi task.

Exfoliator: Opt for exfoliaters with smaller, rounded beads or chemical exfoliators which doesn’t require rubbing, otherwise you might end up getting a rough skin.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen allows you to be in the sun for longer without getting tanned. Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you go out in the sun.


Foundation is again a must have product especially for the parties and other major events. Look out for foundations that blend into the skin.

Concealer: Concealers give your face an immediate glow and hide minor flaws as well. They can be your best friend for a quick make-up.


You can have a set of loose powder and a good compact powder.  Loose powders are easy to blend and give a natural finish. Pressed or compact powder stays for long and also helps to cover minor flaws.


Have one blusher that complements your skin tone. You can customize it by keeping it light during the day time and making it heavier for the evenings.

Eye Shadow:

Eye shadow depends on your skin tone, complexion and the color of your eyes. Generally, browns and coppers are great for most eye colors and they also match with the rest of the make-up.

Eye liner:

You can have a couple of eyeliners to change your look every now and then. Black, brown, lilac and bronze are few colors that you can go for.


One great, black volumising mascara is more than enough to do some wonders. Also, it is recommended that you change the mascara once in every three months.


You can have around four lipstick shades that you use, rather than numerous shades that you hardly wear. It only adds to the discomfort of organizing the products.

Lip gloss:

Lip gloss can be used by itself. Even if you do not prefer to wear your lipstick, you can make your lips striking by sweeping on some lip gloss. Keep one great gloss for special occasions.

Eye Cream: Do not use your regular moisturizer as eye creams. Since the area below the eyes are very delicate, you need to go for a nice eye cream that is made especially for this purpose.

Night Cream:

Night creams are especially for night repair when your skin is relaxing. It also helps in increasing moisture retention and minimizing wrinkles.

Face Mask: Depending on your face type, have one good face mask that replenishes and keeps you skin soft and supple.

Brush: Have one good brush with thick cushions and flexible bristles to glide through your hair. And, if your are a lot into curling your hair you can go a for a round styling brush.

Shampoo: You can have one good shampoo depending on your hair type, whether it is oily, dry or go for a color protection one.

Conditioner: Shampoos and conditioners can be of different brands as far as they serve the purpose. But generally companies formulate shampoos and conditioners in such a way that they work best together.

Hair Dryer: Look out for hair dryers with multiple heat setting and a cool air provider button. Ionic dryers work best as they eliminate frizz and provide more volume.

Serum: It is also advisable to have one serum as it works well for most hair types. You can own any one styling product perhaps a volumising mousse or a hair wax.

Perfume: Your skin type does play a part in deciding your perfume. If you have oily skin go for a lighter version [as oily skin tend to make fragrances sweeter] and if you have dry skin go for slightly heavier one. 


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