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20 December 2011

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Beauty Prescription

Beauty can’t be restricted to rules, regulations and routines anymore. Like technology, beauty too is getting exceedingly customized and personalized. Here are few pointers to help you surpass the rules and save some time and money.

  • Sleep at least for eight hours. Skin renewal speeds up when you sleep. It is the most inexpensive beauty treatment anyone can get.
  • As much as possible avoid sleeping on your stomach or on the side as they cause sleep lines on the face. These lines can eventually turn into wrinkles. Tyr sleeping on your back instead.
  • Always keep your skin protected with a sunscreen. This applies even if you are indoors throughout the day.
  • Use cleansers instead of soap. Soap dries your skin fast and it’s really not advisable. Cleansers on the other hand are formulated especially for the delicacy of the face.
  • Make use of moisturizers even if you have an oily face. There are numerous moisturizers available in the market that suits every skin type and pocket.
  • Indulge in a pedicure at least once every month. If your feet is pampered your mind will be fresh and relaxed. Try it!
  • Keep your nails fairly short to avoid any kind of damage as your nails are very delicate. They also serve a significant purpose of protecting your finger tips.
  • A hint of light cream blush applied to cheeks adds that instant glow to the face.
  • If you have smooth fine hair on your hands and legs, consider bleaching than waxing as they make the hair almost invisible.
  • Never pinch, poke or rub your skin. In fact avoid touching your skin unnecessarily. If your skin is acne prone, consult a good dermatologist or opt for facials that gently nurture the skin.
  • Never sleep with your make-up on. However tired you may be spare few minutes to remove all traces of make-up. After all, your skin needs to breathe too.
  • Think of your neck as an extension of your face and give equal importance to the neck too. While cleansing or applying make-up never ignore your neck. What is the point of a flawlessly made-up face when the skin on your neck is dull and dreary?
  • Drink lots and lots of water. You never know the wonders it brings. Be it from weight management to a hale and healthy heart drinking water has numerous benefits.
  • Gentle brush strokes on your body will improve circulation, wipe out clogged pores and enhance cell renewal resulting in a smooth and soft skin.

Remember, you are never too old or too young to start a proper beauty regime. But, the earlier the better!

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