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29 November 2011

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Battling The Cholestrol Battle

Lifestyle diseases and health disorders seem to have become the order of the day, thanks to the increased sedentary living and lack of physical activity in our lives. People from different age groups are reportedly suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypertension and even cardiac arrest. What’s alarming is the fact that most of these disorders take place due to our lifestyles and not genetics or hormones.

Inorder to avoid getting near the danger zone, it is best to initiate precautionary measures as and when detected with any of such ailments or better improve the eating habits and workout regime even before a red flag is seen. Introducing any form of physical activity such as running, walking, jogging, swimming, playing an outdoor sport or indulging in other forms of cardio vascular exercises at a gym are some of the ways one can improve the metabolism and keep lifestyle disorders at bay.

Besides the workouts, one also needs to make significant changes in the eating habits to ensure a check on the cholesterol levels ad cholesterol is the biggest culprit linked to diabetes, heart problems and obesity. Reducing the intake of oil laden foods, fried goodies, sugar coated candies, flour based baked confectionary etc. Is a must to maintain equilibrium, and at the same time inclusion of health foods that can help curb the increasing cholesterol levels in the body. Some such food items are


High in mono saturated fat, these help to reduce cholesterol levels by 4.4 per cent. A fistful of almonds can make for a great snack as compared to a pack of salted fried peanuts.


A generous dose of oatmeal in your breakfast helps increase soluble fibre that further binds with bile acid to keep cholesterol off the track.


Fish varieties such as salmon, tuna and halibut are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that prevent bad cholesterol from increasing and hence are a great health booster.

Red wine

Flavonals that are helpful in preventing inflammation and reducing risk of heart diseases at present in wine , hence a glass of red wine every day is a great way to bask in its flavour and steer clear of cholesterol too.


Protein from soy and its products like tofu and soy milk help in curbing the formation of new cholesterol.


Cholesterol levels can be tamed well with corrective action however , one needs to understand the importance of preventive measures that can go a long way in formation of cholesterol, Habits such as excessive caffeine, incessant tobacco smoking and of course over indulgence in alc0ohol need to be kicked off to for a healthier frame and a sound mind.

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