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10 February 2011

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Bad Effects Of Junk Food

Our lives have become so busy that we prefer junk food over properly cooked food. Though our taste buds love these foods excess salt, spice or sugar, the bad effects of these ready to eat foods are unhealthy. We all love to have a burger or a cup of noodles or a bottle of coke without realizing the toll we have to pay in the long run.

A major drawback that junk food have over cooked food, enzymes play a great role in digesting foods. But these junk food don’t have those enzymes. Hence after having such foods most of the people experience major digestion or stomach problems.

I would put down some of the bad effects these junk food have on us.

Obesity: Junk food lovers are prone to gain excess fat. Processed flour, excess oil, excess sugar and grease in fried foods, colas etc will only make you fatter and fatter.

Poor Nutrition: As you prefer junk or ready to eat foods, you ignore foods that are rich in nutrition and protein. Foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, wholesome grains won’t be on your diet list anymore. Henceforth you will be prone to frequent cold and fever and would experience weak immune system. These cold and fever will also affect your active daily life.

Lethargy: Carbohydrates in junk food will increase your blood sugar levels. This will make you feel tired and less active. You will experience sleepy – tiresome mood. As days pass you will experience that your reflexes and senses are becoming dull, hindering you from leading an active and organized life.

Constipation and other diseases: Junk food don’t have fiber content in them. Hence you experience constipation after a junk meal or a snack. Phosphoric acid present in the colas and sodas that you drink affects your teeth and bones. Hence you experience weak skeletal structure, leading to frequent fractures and sprains.

Diseases: The excess oil, excess sugar or salt, carbohydrates etc can cause you diabetes and heart diseases. If you are among those bunch who don’t exercise and have a history of diabetic ancestors, for sure you can be diabetic. Junk food that are filled with fat will increase your cholesterol level. It will also block your arteries, which will lead to heart attacks. Apart from these your over weight can cause you weight disorders and other diseases.

Hence you can decide if you should follow junk diet or a healthy diet which is rich in proteins, nutrients, minerals and fiber.

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