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24 October 2011

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B For Botox

The idea of undergoing the knife or facing the plastic surgeon to achieve a perfect ten hasn’t been a new-fangled concept. With cosmetic revolution across the globe, these terms have become familiar and well thought of.

The latest phenomenon to join the bandwagon of the artificial procedures to enhance beauty is the Botox treatment. With newspapers and fashion magazines screaming aloud the names of the celebrities who undergo regular Botox shots (injections), it is no news that Botox is a handy help for all those women nearing 30’s and the ones who have transcended the age boundaries. For those of us who are not acquainted with the origins of Botox, it’s a protein derived from a Clostridium Botulinum, a bacteria that yields the most powerful neurotoxin.

An experiment in 1949 by a medical professional stated that by decreasing the release of acetylcho9line, Botox blocks the neuromuscular transmission and hence paralyzes the facial muscles curbing the formation of wrinkles in a huge way. A single shot as diagnosed can work until three to four months in preventing damage to the skin.
The treatment is widely available at almost all cosmetic centres, spas, and medical centres yet, it is best to understand the pros and cons of Botox before undertaking the step.

Measures before taking Botox
• Understand the implications of the procedure and also beware of its side effects if any
• Keep your dermatologist informed about any prospective allergies or previous damages to the skin, any hyper sensitivity faced by chemicals
• Keep a note of any antibiotics or supplements being consumed as combatting these with Botox can cause further damage.
• Do not undergo the treatment if you are pregnant or lactating
After measures of Botox
• Refrain from consumption of alcohol for at least a week before and after the treatment.
• Avoid using medicines like aspirin and other similar drugs unless consented by the doctor
• Follow a skincare regime and intake of medicines as recommended to ensure best results from the procedure.

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