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24 February 2011

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Arshina Trivedi – Talent & Beauty At Its Best!

Arshina Trivedi, the young and talented model has walked for various International Fashion Weeks in England, London, Dubai, America, Paris and Switzerland. Winning the Gladrags Mega Model 2010 crown she says that it is her dream to pursue modeling in her Motherland, India. Apart from being a great model she is also a gifted and trained Bollywood dancer.

Please tell our readers about your entry to modeling

Flicking through the pages of Vogue, Grazia, I always thought to myself I wish I was one of those top models. Right from the day of my birth I was pictured in a National newspaper year 1988 where is it believed saw a ‘Baby Boom’.
Modeling has always been a passion of mine. I would get dressed up in my mothers dresses and wear her heels walking around my house trying out different styles. To some extent I would say I was influenced by my mother since she was one to always look her best- stylish and sophisticated to the core.

As I grew older I also grew quite rapidly in height. People would often say to me, “You would make a good model, why not try out modeling”. So I took on board their advice and began modeling. During my high school years I would do shows and photo-shoots which didn’t require much experience. However coming from an Indian family, education is priority. My father a strong headed business man ensured I received the best education and completed my further studies at University where I studied Law. Therefore my modeling career was put on hold until I had graduated. However as a Feminist I believe women are capable of achieving great things. Not only do they undergo paid employment they are also the fore-fronts of running the family taking on a ‘triple shift’. With this in mind, while studying I put myself out there and signed up to Modeling Agencies. I was immediately given work and assignments therefore expanding my understanding and experience within this field.

During the year of 2008 an opportunity came my way. I reviewed it and decided to take that up, from that day I never had to look back. I went onto graduating with a top class degree in 2009 and from then onwards I have walked in High Profile Fashion weeks in England, London, Dubai, America, Paris and Switzerland, amongst various Photo-shoots and Bridal shows.

Could you please share a memorable experience during Gladrags MegaModel 2010?

My journey through Gladrags MegaModel was filled with ups and downs. After each task we would have eliminations and I would witness my friends leaving the competition. This was definitely difficult to deal with since I had made great friends. However as time passed I was entirely focused on achieving my goal.

I would like to say my whole experience during the competition was memorable but one in particular was the moment I met John Abraham. I was completely lost for words! He said “hello girls” but nothing came out of my mouth! I absolutely adore him. He was everything I had imagined, and more!

In short, I had the most fascinating experience of my life. It was fun and enjoyable. You learn so much from other people and you learn to appreciate people from everywhere. Undoubtedly an experience I will never forget.

What made you choose the Tiara to get groomed?

The last time I visited India was at the tender age of 5, so I was completely new to the country. I left London for a purpose to pursue my dreams in the land of what I call; ‘dream-makers’. I prepared to face any challenge in order to achieve it. I always believe, if a person wants to better themselves training is a must in order to further their knowledge, understanding, and experience no-matter what one chooses to pursue. Accordingly, I remember one night I searched ‘pageant grooming’ in India on the internet and the Tiara Academy came up. After enquiring I knew this was the place for me. However I was short of time since my arrival to India were only a couple of weeks before the Mumbai Gladrags MegaModel audition was taking place. Nevertheless I needed advice and guidance upon the competition since I wasn’t aware of the exact procedure or who to contact. I was groomed and polished by the Tiara Academy within a week as I already came with experience. So I was all set to go.

It is the dream of any model to be recogonised internationally. Why are you seeking a platform in Indian fashion industry?

Being born and brought up in London I have been hugely influenced by the modern, western British life. I have had the opportunity to do some international work as a model, but it has always been a dream to come to India and experience my roots in this beautiful country. After winning Gladrags MegaModel my decision was made. This is where I would spend the rest of my life. I won my title here for this reason I feel it is only right that I continue with my modeling career in India. I love the culture, the people and everything about India. The fashion industry is one of the best in the world. India is one of those countries in the world which is the most innovative in the fashion sense. Many western countries take ideas from India. I believe I was born to model, which is what I am continuing here in what I now call ‘My Country’.

What are your achievements in this field so far?

This is a little insight upon some of my achievements so far which include-

Gladrags Mega Model Title Winner 2010-11; Best Model Sub-Title Winner 2010; Best Body Sub-Title Winner 2010; Best Smile Sub-Title Winner 2010;

Fronting the Face of Love Fashion- Top leading Fashion Retail- TOPSHOP. Commercial shoots; banners; hoardings put up around London.

Presenter on Zee TV- Carnival 2009 where I interviewed luminaries like Shahrukh khan, Lara Dutta and Anushka Sharma.

Lead Dancer alongside Shahrukh Khan for advertisement shown on Zee TV, Star Plus, and Sony TV Asia.
Editorial shoots for Asian Wedding Magazine; Asiana Magazine.

Walked the runway for Asian Bridal Wear and Designer Sombul on two occasions which took place in Dubai; along with walking for Fashion Weeks in London, America, Switzerland.

Modelled for Irfaani Boutique, – Catalogue and Advertisement.

Acted in Blood and Guts, – Lead Heroine (a BBC Documentary).

Commercial and Billboard (hoarding) shoot, and modelling for Channel 4 called Indian Winter.

Trained by the London School of Modeling. – Won Best Model Walk 2010 and Won Best Dancer 2010 Titles.

Undertaken the challenge of training girls for Miss India Worldwide UK Pageant contest 2010.

Lead dancer and Model for Music video with Imran Khan, Omnimus DJ’s, DJ H, Bobby.

Through this experience I have been able to secure some top designers and international events travelling the country and abroad.

Can you please share your fitness secret with our readers?

I don’t believe in eliminating certain foods out of ones diet, this would only make you crave it more. Being a vegetarian I believe a well balanced diet, eating healthily; combining fruits, vegetables and pulses is a must; along with fitness training three times a week is the key to maintaining a proportionate toned structure.

Please give a quick update on your wardrobe?

My wardrobe is governed by a quote from one of the world’s most distinguished designers; Yves Saint Laurent. He said that fashions fade but style is eternal. And when you consider the origins of style, you then realise that the clothes we all decide to wear is actually a very personal journey. You see, ‘style’ is the personification of one’s individualism.

My wardrobe personally, has outfits representing every aspect of my life for example; I have my party dresses for nights out with the girls, and casual skinny jeans and tank tops for shopping or lunch. However I think my favorite item of clothing at the moment, would be my Victoria Secret jogging bottoms. I love to take time out and chill in them around the house. Without a doubt the most comfortable pair of joggers I have.

As a model how do you evaluate avant garde and wearable designs?

Avant Garde is a true form of art. In my opinion it is the purest representation of the creativity of designers, it personifies the future of the fashion world. With avant garde, there are no boundaries. It is free spirited and inspirational. It is a genuine creative outlet for many designers, showcasing their inner fantasies of fashion; which if worn on the high street would be regarded as taboo. In fact, I deem it to be in many ways, the foundations of wearable designs; something different to stand out from the crowd. I’d say avant garde is a beautiful exaggeration of the wearable designs we see every day, and without this splurge of haut couture, edgy outfits, and fascinating ensembles, we would not have such a diverse range of designs available today.

Could you please share something about angel dancing?

Angel dancers are a well established Bollywood dance school operating in London for the last 20 years. It was the first Bollywood dance Academy to open in London, and since has expanded immensely going worldwide.
I have grown up watching Bollywood movies and listening to Bollywood songs. Bollywood dancing has always been an interest of mine, which still is. I love performing which I began doing after I trained with the Angels Academy, moving onto being a trained professional and fronting the lead dancer with the group. I went onto performing in many different countries including, Paris; Sweden; Russia to name a few with the Angels professional group being the main lead dancer; taking on the role of a sexy Bollywood actress!

Please tell us about your dream goal.

Destiny and hard work go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you believe in yourself. I believe in me! My inherent talent and grace along with my sheer power of intellect is definitely going to direct me in achieving my ultimate dream goal- which I am not going to disclose! But what I will say is part of my dream goal is to be the most successful model in crossing the fusion bridge between London and India!

Rapid Fire:

Role Model: supermodel- Tyra Banks

Favourite Brand: Prada and Channel

Favourite designer: Roberto Cavalli and Donna Karan

Favourite actress– Madhuri Dixit

One show or shoot that you crave to do: Victoria Secret show & Shoot for Vogue.

Angel Dancing or Modeling: I wouldn’t choose. One is my interest, the other is my passion. I would like to reach higher levels in modeling and achieve further dreams. So I would like to continue with both!

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