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24 October 2011

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Apply Blusher The Right Way!

Right application and the colour selection of blusher can make a lot of difference to your face with regard to its shape and look.

If you go wrong with either of these, it can ruin your diva look. Thus follow these instructions before you select and apply blusher.

Know your skin tone before you choose any blusher. Depending on that the blusher can enhance the glow and look of your face.

  •  If you have fair skin tone, go for blusher shades of soft rose, mocha, pinkish peach, baby pink and golden apricot.
  •  If you belong to dark skin tone, pick these shades; dark raspberry, deep coral, plum and brown.
  •  If your skin tone is medium; shades of rosy pink, light raspberry soft coral or apricot with undertones of brown will suit you well.

how to apply blusher?

How To Apply Blusher?

  • After the application of foundation and concealer wait for 5 minutes, thus these are set well on your skin. Now smile and look into a mirror and apply blusher on the apples of the cheeks.
  •  Don’t leave hair line and chin too when you apply blusher. Do this according to your face shape.
  •  Use another brush to wipe off the excess blusher and blend it well.
  •  Dab a bit of loose face powder to set the blusher and make the face look natural.
  •  Take a bit of bronzer and apply on the forehead, nose and chin.

Application of blusher depends on your face shape, thus know your face shape.

 Round Face: Right application can make your round face look thinner. While applying blusher; start with the apples of your cheeks drawing it towards your ears.

Oval Face: Apply blusher from the apples of cheeks toward the hairline.

Heart Shaped Face: If you are one with a heart shaped face, start applying blusher from the lower part of the apples of your cheeks along the chin line.

Square Face: Start with the apples of cheek upto the temple. Slowly draw a strip from the chin to the middle of the ear with blusher and blend it at the jaw line. This will give square shaped face a softening effect.

Long Face: Apply blusher at the apples of your cheeks that would be parallel to the temples. This style of application will make long face look broad.

Look beautiful with the right application of blusher. Get the diva out of you and be that crowd puller.

how to apply blusher?






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