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19 December 2012

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Ants Cafe | The Mandis Review

The curiously named Ants cafe next to New Horizon School, Indiranagar gets its name from Action Northeast Trust, an NGO based in Assam. The place, run in partnership with this NGO, is a cafe boutique, with the boutique on the ground floor and cafe on the first. This is a perfect place for a lazy Sunday brunch.

We quickly browsed through the boutique since our main intention was to eat and not shop. They had nice handicrafts, pottery, apparels, lamp shades etc. which did not seem to be too easy on the pockets. The stairs to the cafe on top had interesting facts about ants written on each step. If your tummy is not too demanding, stop by to read all of them.

The cafe looked pretty nice with bamboo chairs seating and is divided into three sections. Hollow trunks of trees and wooden chests were made into chairs to give it a perfect lazy Sunday appeal. There isn’t much of a view from the cafe but its a great place to sit when the weather is good. Talk about soft breeze, and a cup of coffee in your hands- and this is the ideal place for that very mood.

We ordered Passion fruit Iced Tea and Watermelon Sparkler– the first sip of both the drinks shot up our glucose levels in split seconds, but the friendly waiter was nice enough to offer us other drinks on the menu or even listen to our mini lecture on how we want the drinks prepared! We finally got the drinks prepared to our liking, and it was pretty good. This same waiter came running after us like SRK in DDLJ (!!)  when one of us left our favourite scarf in the cafe. The drinks aren’t that great at Ants. Our advice would be to start directly with the food.

We gorged on the starters, Potato Cheese Croquettes and Chicken Sausage with Capsicum and Fried Onions. The Croquettes were delicious and literally melted in our mouth. The juicy chicken sausages increased our happiness quotient and the accompaniment of capsicum and onions did full justice. Our Vegan buddy stuck to a Veg Burger to give us company. The burger was delicious, with a veg patty and a salad layer over the patty.

There’s an old adage in Malayalam that says piglets are blind when they eat. It goes to show how occupied they are while they eat, that nothing else around them matters to them. We were no different when the main course was brought. Chicken Roulade and Pesto Chicken – two gifts to mankind were devoured with complete dedication and respect.

Chicken Roulade was an absolute bliss – chicken stuffed with cheese and cashew nuts and served with a creamy sauce and garlic bread. The kick of mint in between was a little too strong.  Pesto Chicken was chicken breast grilled in pesto sauce- this meat was a little too hard to  slice through but the taste wasn’t compromised. We were pretty happy with the whole fare.

If you have brunch craving at odd hours, (well, we would call it the brunch at Chicago Standard Time!) Ants cafe also has an all day breakfast which is pretty good. We tried this on another day and it was divine- should not miss out on saying that these guys know it the best to play with eggs!  This is another place, a Vegan would give a standing ovation to. So all the herbivorous and carnivorous friends of ours, buckle up and rush to Ants Cafe – if your agenda for the day is yummy food, quick service in a cosy cafe which is easy on pocket!

PS : Did you know that Ants have two tummies? One to store food for themselves and one for others!



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