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08 March 2011


Anson Antony, The Art Of Fashion Photography!

Perfection at its peak is the feel you experience when you take a look at this young and creative fashion photographer, Anson Antony’s pictures. As we believe that one’s chore should stand by their identity, Anson’s photography has been the right example to that. This Bangalore based fashion photographer has astounded the audience with his expertise in this field.

His pictures perfectly follow Ansel Adam’s quote, “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed”.

How & when did you start as a fashion photographer?

For no particular reason, or maybe just a teenage fantasy, I just wanted to go through some pages of a nude magazine during my arts school education. But the professor banned me saying, “If you want to refer this magazine, you have to be from the photography stream.” Then I decided to change my stream in arts school to photography.

I was clueless when I started my journey. But now when I think of it, those careless decisions I made and the endless traveling that I am in, have given me a terrific sense of possibility now.

What is fashion to you?

Fashion is to appreciate life in style.

You are gifted with amazing colour, framing and editing sense. What is the inspiration behind this?

I tend to be less focused about other things in life, as many of my friends tell. I think maybe that is why I was always attracted to visually appealing subjects and as a matter of fact more than something like inspiration, it became my behaviour.

Please share with our readers the relationship you share with Bangalore.

It’s the people, my friends in Bangalore I think about, when the word Bangalore comes to my mind. We live like one family here. Also my early days when I first came here with the hope of exploring more about photography, helped me grow and share my views in photography in a much faster pace for which I don’t think there is any better place than Bangalore.

These days it has become that if you are rich enough to afford a DSLR camera, you can be a photographer. What is your opinion on this scenario?

One cannot write a meaningful poem by only owning an expensive pen. Essentially the application of mind has to be there for any sort of creation regardless of the format.

There are great photography talents in our country. But it has been noticed that Indian photographers blindly follow international photographers without their own creative inputs. What do you think about this?

I would like to disagree slightly on this as you may put that differently. There are chances that many of the works of Indian photographers which comes to the mainstream or which gets more exposure are imitated art. Another fact remains such similarities can also occur coincidentally as the direction of fashion works are still revolving around Paris and the west. The demand of the clients in most cases may also influence the works on a large scale. Thus there are several other factors that we need to consider before we make a conclusive statement like that.

What are your achievements in this field so far?

The love and affection of my friends and the state of being happy and living a peaceful life. I consider this as my greatest achievements in this field as to say photography, traveling and the interactions with the people I have met has certainly helped me expand my mind. Of course I have received few awards too but it would only remain secondary compared to the above mentioned achievements.

When a model poses for a photograph. What is the first thought that comes to your mind?

I don’t honestly feel the first thought that hits me when a model pose would be anything extra ordinary but it is of course to admire the beauty I can see and feel , and then to appreciate that beauty through my frames.

Do you have any dream projects in your mind? Have you shot that or are you yet to work on it?

I have a lot of them, many of them are scripted in my mind but honestly I can express them only through my frames better, than my words.

What is your advice to upcoming photographers?

Always refer to good photography works and always remain updated about the changes in the industry and one more thing, not to click those frames you have already seen and loved.

Please share some tips to our readers to make a good picture.

Read as many fashion related articles and magazines as you can and also experimenting with self portraits is an easy way to learn shooting people and how they feel facing a camera.

Rapid Fire:

Fashion photography in one word: Exploring one’s niche.

Your favourite location to shoot: Ladakh

Your favourite camera brand: No favourites, as far as i have learned, making comparison between cameras is not worth the time wasted, instead of going out and clicking some nice pictures.

Dream model to shoot with: Lakshmi Menon

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  1. antima says:

    MAN wd perfection…..
    havin own style of work….never work to jus complete a work…
    alws took work as his dream,god n life….
    really admire him…n alws wish his sucess in life..
    may u reach heights in ur life wat eva u dream for….
    god bless u dear…..

    • Rashmi says:


      Have seen him working so hard and madly roaming around with a camera in his hand. I could say that his work paid and wish you ALL D BEST for your future endeavors!!!

    • abhendu says:

      superb yaar superb………….nice clickz………i love it. best wishes for ur future.

  2. Haarika says:

    I really lack the words to compliment u today….can say his pics speaks more than words…..He is a hard worker n vry passionated abt his wrk….keep dis spirit on always dear…..keep gng………
    god bless youu……

  3. ANISH says:…born only from mankind…it’s him..Anson,my frnd…am very happy 2 know dat he s my frnd…dear,be d great Anson….

  4. Pebbles says:

    A provaocivte insight! Just what we need!

  5. Raphael says:

    Waiting for ur arrival


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