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21 December 2011

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Adieu Blackheads and Oily Skin

Most of us experience an outburst of acne and open pores during our teens; however these problems keep troubling our skin at different junctures in life. Acne is visually unappealing and makes the skin go dull too. Many a solutions have been designed to cure cane with chemical treatments, anti-acne gels, herbal tonics and even Ayurvedic applications. A major chunk of these solutions supress their eruption for a temporary period but after a few weeks or months, the skin gets back to square one.

 There can be innumerous reasons for cropping of acne, from pollution, dust, hormonal changes, and moisture in air, oily skin and even poor hygiene.  Before jumping on to the easiest solution available, it is important to understand the cause of acne and thereon take measures. For those who dread the thought of medicines and chemical based lotions, here are a few home remedies to reduce the acne and prevent them from re-occurrence.

  • First and foremost, even before you decide to apply something on your face; it is imperative to bring changes to your dietary intake Include fresh green veggies and fruits. Reduce caffeine intake and cut down on those oily, high calorie food items.
  • Start drinking at least 2 -3 cups of green tea daily. A substance called catechins, present in green tea helps regulate the hormones; also it packed with anti-oxidants that improve the skin quality. Use it either by applying green tea bags directly to the skin and rubbing gently or drinking it.
  • Applying a mixture of seas salt mixed with warm water through cotton can be highly beneficial in killing the bacteria from the skin and it also leads to the process of exfoliation. Sea salt also destroys the extra oil on the skin, making it clean and less prone to acne further.
  • Applying the gel from the Aloe Vera plant leaves directly can aid in soothing the acne by preventing any itch. It will also help in cleaning the acne faster. One can also consume also Vera in the form of a drink, but be cautious about overdoing it.



  • Slice strawberries and rub gently over the affected area. Rich in antioxidants strawberries also contain salicylic acid that reduces acne and can help clearing the acne marks too. One can also use these as a mask, mixing them with milk and applying on the acne.



Besides these  items from the kitchen, there are many other common ingredients such as garlic, Epson salts, baking soda etc. that are also helpful in getting rid of acne , but it is essential to consult a skin specialist to gauge the root cause of the problem , before blindly following any  practice.



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