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07 October 2011

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Acne Myths!

popular acne myths

Clean and clear skin is everyone’s most coveted dream but acne poses threat to this dream. Both boys and girls try every possible way to get rid of this. Thus they end up in certain acne myths.

Experts say that following a healthy acne regimen or treatment is the best way to stay away from acne than going blind with these well – known acne myths.

popular acne myths

Here are some popular acne myths.

Drink Water To Avoid Acne: It is a known fact that water will keep your body hydrated. If you don’t take sufficient water it will promote dry skin and dead skin won’t shed properly. This will lead to clogged pores. Experts say that water can only keep your body hydrated thus having 8 glasses of water a day alone won’t avoid acne.

Eating Chocolate Will Trigger Acne: Experts say that acne is not caused because of any particular food like; chocolate, pastries or fries. It is because of the excess oil or sebum production in your skin. Thus don’t avoid chocolates or any particular foods thinking that it will help acne to disappear.

Stress And Acne: It is a universal fact that stress can lead to hormonal imbalance. But this cannot be held solely responsible for acne. If you are following an effective acne treatment it can fight acne. Thus take the myth of stress triggering acne off your mind and look for a better acne course.

Washing Face More Often And Acne: If you think that acne is caused due to dirt clogging in the pores, experts say that it is not true, pores don’t get clogged due to impurities. Instead the pores get clogged due to sebum or the skin itself. Washing for more that tow times will irritate pores leading to get clogged.

Acne Isn’t Curable: Experts say that most of the people believe that acne isn’t curable, but if you follow the right acne course it can help you get rid of it. Hence find a good skin or acne expert and indulge in effective treatment.

Keep these acne myths in your mind while you fight acne. And don’t forget to get the right acne treatment.

popular acne myths

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