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15 November 2011

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A Fragrant Therapy

Aromatherapy has been known to several civilisations across the world since ages; however it is only until late that its benefits are being reaped on. Besides being widely acknowledged as a beauty enhancing treatment, it is also being used for healing purposes to relive stress and other similar ailments.

For those who believe that such an experience is bound to burn a hole in your pocket, cheer up, because with the easy availability of essential oils, one can make use of these at home and immerse in this soothing experience. Here are the few oils that can benefit your mind and body and rejuvenate your sense sans a visit to the spa.

• Sandalwood oil
Extracted from the expensive and fragrant sandalwood, this is a sweet, wood like smelling oil with properties to balance sebum production in your skin and hence reducing scars and acne. Since it regulates blood pressure, people with heart ailments can also be benefited from this. This multipurpose oil acts as an antiseptic for wounds and inhaling it can help prevent nausea and gastric
• Cedar wood oil
Derived from the cedar trees, this oil is yellowish brown in colour. It can be used to cure respiratory problems; it aids in stress relief by inducing sleep, soothes dry skin with its properties, helps ward away mosquitoes and also promotes dieting by inducing frequent urination.
• Rosemary Oil
A colourless and odourless oil, this is derived from the traditional rosemary plant that is well known for its healing properties. Besides calming the senses, it also relieves pain in body aches, improves the mental concentration, aids digestion and acts as a disinfectant. Many therapists also believe that it improves hair growth and prevents greying
• Ylang Ylang oil
Extracted from the Cananga Odarata tree, this well-known oil has a floral and sweet fragrance. It is used for skin improvement purposes since it improves sebum production. A common belief also states that this oil is an aphrodisiac and induces arousal. It improves hair quality by thickening and softening the hair when added to the shampoo and also induces sleep on inhaling.

Besides the above mentioned names, there are many more essential oils available in the markets with healing properties. The best way to use them on skin is through diluting ad direct application and one can inhale them through a vaporiser or by mixing them with warm water.

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