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18 September 2011

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70’s And 80’s Are Back In Fashion!

When mom told you “keep it, it will come back in fashion”, yes she was right. Most of the trends from the 70’s and the 80’s are now back. Indeed fashion is a cyclic phenomenon.

  • Polka dots: From the early 70’s , polka dots have been a favorite classic. In India they are known as ‘Bobby Prints.’ which have also been incorporated in saris and called as coin saris. Experts said that Polka dots will forever be in!
  • Boot-cuts:. These are the same bell-bottom pants from the 70’s with a new name. Bell-bottoms started in  late 60’s, and started to go out of fashion together with other clothes that had become associated with disco. Though they were still popular in the early 1980s,they were considered out of fashion,now they reappeared again in 2011!
  • Ballerina shoes:. These comfy flat shoes originally for ballet  dancers traditionally had a leather sole and mainly in light shades of pink, but now they are available in all types of materials including animal prints,cotton,sequins and velvet and are preferred by many due to their light weight and comfort level.
  • Over sized sunglasses : These were fashionable in the 1980s,also known as the  “Jackie O’s”  popular with women, and many celebrities wear them to hide from the paparazzi,have become a trend with normal regular people as well. Ray-Ban wayfarers, a plastic-framed design for sunglasses produced by the Ray-Ban  company in 1952 have always been in fashion since then.
  • Big waist belts: Waist cincher date back to the 20th century whereby they were worn  around the waist to make the wearer’s waist physically smaller, or to create the illusion of being smaller.It’s a stylish trend now followed by many not only to keep trousers or skirt in the ideal position but also for to make an individual fashion statement.
  •   Leggings. Yes, leggings it is  .Originally known as ‘hose’ are traditionally worn for exercise, although beginning in the 1980s they have also been worn for fashion.They come in many colors, black, navy, and various shades of gray remain the most commonly worn.



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