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30 December 2011

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7 Essentials to Make you Sensual

Let’s face it, we are genuinely concerned about what we put on our face and troubled by the side effects. But, there are some natural essentials that can make you sensual and keep your skin glowing at all times. What’s more is that we do not have to worry about the harmful effects the chemicals cause as they are purely natural and would only make you younger by years. Let’s take a look at what they are:


The honey beauty recipes are just unlimited to bring that extra charm to one’s face. It is an ideal ingredient to keep the skin hydrated and smooth, apart from being a perfect cleansing agent. Its natural properties protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It’s a great base for face and body packs and you can also use it as a lip salve.


Eggs are excellent beauty aids. The proteins in the eggs tighten the skin keeping it firm and giving a smoother and a younger looking skin.  They act as a good hair conditioner too as the proteins strengthen the hair follicles.

Lemon or lime:

A perfect disinfectant and a rich content of Vitamin C, lemon works well for both skin and hair. A mixture of rose water, honey and lime acts as a great skin tonic.  It also helps in lightening the color of your skin as lemon has astringent properties that help in bleaching. Moreover, lemon is used as the ideal oil in aromatherapy treatments to enhance blood circulation.

Turmeric Powder:

Turmeric works as an antiseptic and cleanser. Its antiseptic properties protect your skin from the daily damage, leaving the skin fresh and smooth. Mixed with either coconut oil or olive oil, it keeps your skin glowing and also preserves the elasticity of the skin.

Rose Water:

Rose water has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. It helps cleanse and hydrate the skin and also acts as a mild astringent. Rubbing on some rose water after bath, aids in closing open pores and gives you a feeling of freshness.

Aloe Vera:

It is said that aloe vera is a mix of different minerals and vitamins. The gel that is present in the plant can be directly applied to both skin and hair and the juice can be drunk to get rid of digestive issues. It continues to be widely used around the world because of its terrific healing properties. When applied regularly on the face it reduces wrinkles and slows skin ageing.



Coconut, olive or almond oil are essential for good hair and skin. Coconut oil is still the ideal nourishment for hair, olive oil is popular for its healing properties, while almond oil is booth soothing and nourishing. These oils are also a favorite of massage therapists as they have amazing penetrating properties and ideal for all skin types.

Try these 7 essentials to make you sensual and notice the difference it brings to your face!


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