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05 October 2011

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12 Common Mistakes of Party Make –Up

So, the last time you went for a party, your make-up was a disaster? Do not fret, it happens to most of us. Here are 12 common mistakes women make, while applying make –up. There are certain insights mentioned on what you should and what you shouldn’t.

• Never apply make-up without cleansing your face. The bacteria in your face can react with the chemicals of the cosmetics and you may end up getting skin inflammations. Also, in the beginning make sure you wash it with cold water.

 • A big mistake people commit is to rush up with the make-up. Do not rush up while applying make-up. After all, make up is to enhance your features and rushing up can only make things worse.

 • Never forget to apply moisturizing lotion as the first stage of make-up. Moisturizers keep your face fresh and also play an effective role in preserving your make up for long.

• If you have dark spots, pimples or any skin issues, make sure you apply the concealer first. Do apply the concealer only in the problem areas and NOT on the entire face. The concealer color should be close to the shade of the foundation.

 • The next blunder is the color of the foundation. Never choose the foundation tone which is darker to your skin. Opt for foundation colors that are a shade lighter to your skin color.

• If you are wearing a plunging neckline or a sleeveless blouse, assure you apply foundation on those areas as well. Simply put, apply foundation on all the exposed areas.

• Make sure you blend the concealer and foundation. Otherwise the party lights can make your face appear weird and bizarre. While applying foundation, use a wet sponge – it will help in blending well.

• Another mistake women make is choosing the wrong eye shadow color. You can choose strong colors for the parties but just make sure that the color of the eye shadow and the lipstick compliment each other.

• Also, make sure that the color of your blush is never darker than the color of your lipstick. Do go easy while using blushes. Sparkles are best to be used for parties. Hence, do not neglect it.

• If you have dark circles, do remember to conceal the area with an eye concelaer. But do not use too much of it – apply in moderate amount.

 • While applying lipstick, use a lip liner to line your lips. Never miss out on the gloss. Too much of lipstick without the gloss, when not applied correctly, can leave you appearing like a girl in distress. The best method is to apply a balm, wear your lipstick, blot it with a tissue paper and then apply a second coat of lipstick. Finally finish the look with the gloss.

• The biggest blunder anybody can make is, to experiment with make –up without having the confidence to carry the carry the look. If you are not comfortable with heavy make-up it’s advisable to just go subtle.

Follow the above tips the next time when you go to a party and notice the difference!

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